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A company that provides high-quality offshore development services for Japanese companies. It is possible to flexibly develop business systems, WEB systems, mobile apps, and games with a wide variety of development languages and development platforms.

sudobo's services


Website Development

Building sites using cloud platforms such as AWS / Google Cloud, and we are developing highly available sites such as EC sites and corporate sites. Through discussions with our designers, we will make appropriate technical proposals and selections according to the customer's budget and needs, such as building a site using Wordpress.


Mobile Application Development

Develop applications, games for mobile devices such as SmartPhone, Tablet. From the viewpoint of user, we will be in charge of from consulting, designing to implementing mobile application solutions for users. With the diversity of programing languages, we are confident to support customers with all complicated requirements.


Building website based on existing bases and CMS.

In addition to developing and building websites from scratch, in order to minimize costs, we are also ready to assist customers and businesses in building and improving websites based on existing bases and CMS. At SUDOBO we have been using famous CMS such as Wordpress, Salesforce and other CMS to solve many specific problems for many businesses from business management, warehouse management, products management. This type of development will help customers reduce costs instead of having to build a website from scratch.

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Our Strength

Competitive price

With many talented and experienced IT resources of Vietnam, we believe that we can help customers and businesses solve technology problems at the most reasonable cost.

Highly qualified IT resources

Graduated from IT majors of leading technical universities in Vietnam. At SUDOBO we have highly qualified people, a progressive attitude as well as an excellent working spirit. We believe that this will be a great premise to help customers and businesses solve their problems.

Understand "Japan"

At SUDOBO, we have a team of leaders who have been able to live, study and work with Japanese culture and Japanese businesses since they were still in school. (Higher Education Development Support Project on ICT - Hanoi University of Technology). Most of the team leaders at SUDOBO have lived and worked for a long time in large enterprises in Japan. It is these things that have helped us to understand a lot more about the people, culture, and country of Japan. We believe that this will be a good basis for us to cooperate well and bring satisfaction to our customers.

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With Sudobo we are building better websites with better services, at a much better cost than anything we could do in-house!

Mitac Hikari Corporation

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Working with Sudobo is like having a whole team of highly skilled colleagues. A winning team, definitely.

メディアマックスジャパン株式会社 Media Max Japan Inc.

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Working with the htmlBurger team has been a huge success! They're good people who care deeply about our business!

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